currently offers only linear laser diode drivers. The advantage of linear drivers is the low noise and high stability. Whether you need high currents of a large voltage compliant range, drivers can be made to your specifications.

Laser diodes require a stable current source without any transients. Even an intermittent connection to your laser diode can produce current spikes that damage your laser diode. An overvoltage protection shorts the output in case of a too high output voltage and prevent any filter capacitor from charging up and discharging through the laser diode.

Options such as photodiode feedback can greatly increase the stability of a laser. Sensitive applications or precision measurement setups an greatly benefit from this added stability.

Optional modulation can be either TTL or analog. For specialized high speed applications a high power driver circuit capable of delivering 2A with a ~100ns risetime is developed.

Drivers can be OEM circuits to be implemented by the end user or complete standalone lab unit. Interested in a driver? Send your specifications to:

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