Custom Laser Modules can build a wide range of custom lasers. From miniature cylindrical modules to RGB setups, from microwatts to several watts, from infrared to violet it's all possible. Combining lasers with dichroic mirrors or polarising beam splitters is no problem. A knife edge setup is used to combine more than 2 lasers of the same wavelength.

Depening on your requirements the laser can be fitted with TEC cooling and photodiode feedback to provide excellent stability. Adding a calibrated transimpedance amplifier to the laser guarantees the output power to be accurate. This makes it possible to use the lasers for applications like calibration.

The drivers of the lasers can be fitted with options like analog/TTL modulation, external programming, an interlock connection or delayed startup. Depening on your application the driver can be a bare pcb or a full featured instrument capable of powering a wide range of lasers.

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